BSPIN – A new network for Early Career Scientists in Biodiversity Science-Policy Interfaces


The Biodiversity Science-Policy Interfaces Network for Early Career Scientists (BSPIN) is an initiative of a group of young scientists dealing with issues of biodiversity-related science-policy interfaces (SPIs), such as IPBES and CBD. The main objectives of BSPIN are i) linking ECS among each other and to other stakeholders in SPI processes, ii) improve capacities of ECS to engage in global biodiversity-related SPIs, iii) foster inter- and transdisciplinary research, iv) communicate the potential of ECS regarding IPBES (and related SPIs), and v) encourage practical involvement of ECS in these SPIs.

BSPIN was initiated in January 2013 during the IPBES-2 plenary in Antalya, Turkey, and currently has around 90 members comprising scientists/knowledge holders (PhD candidates, postdocs, masters) that deal with thematic issues relevant for the work programmes of the SPIs, and/or analyse the structures, functionality and effectiveness of the SPIs.


Most recent activity: BSPIN workshop prior to IPBES-5, March 5th, Bonn/Germany.

Prior to IPBES-5, BSPIN organised a workshop to:

Exchange and discuss science-policy related research

Meet participants of the IPBES fellowship programme

Get an update on the IPBES process

Discuss with us how early career scientists can get engaged in science-policy interfaces


Latest activities:

  • Side Event at the 12. Meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD COP-12, PyeongChang, Korea, Oct 2014): "How can science really contribute to global biodiversity governance? – Discussing challenges of science policy-interfaces"
  • First International Network Meeting (UN Campus Bonn, Germany, Jan 2015)


Planned activities/Ideas:

  • International Summer School

  • Establishing working groups on specific issues around biodiversity-related SPIs


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If you would like to join the network and subcribe to our mailing list, please give us some information about yourself, your research interests and your motivation to join BSPIN using this form Join BSPIN. Thank you very much! As soon as we received your information we'll add you to the mailing list. You'll might pose us your questions via contact [dot] bspin [at] gmail [dot] com.