BerichtThe Policy Support Function of IPBES: how could this be more effectively developed and implemented?

The following results paper summarizes the results and recommendations from the workshop. The text has been compiled by Marianne Darbi and Elisabeth Marquard building on the input of the experts gathered during the workshop (in alphabetical order): Beard, T. Douglas; Berghöfer, Augustin; Biber-Freudenberger, Lisa; Bridgewater, Peter; Díaz Reviriego, Isabel; Eggermont, Hilde; Kleemann, Janina; Kloos, Julia; Kohsaka, Ryo; Martin del Real, Inés; Mohammadi Fazel, Asghar; Neuhaus, Michael; Payyappallimana, Unnikrishnan; Raab, Kristina; Reuter, Katrin; Ring, Irene; Solhaug, Tone; Uchiyama, Yuta; Wittmer, Heidi; Ziemacki, Jasmin.